Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Park & Ride and WEEE

Today Andy and I met up with some other moms w/ their kids from church at a park this morning and had a blast! Andy conquored the entire "castle" and went down the slide all by himself with a "1...2...weeee!" as a push to get himself going. A few rounds of this, then tried the "big kid" swings- which he liked. We left about noon and on the way home, he was staring out the window with his mouth open already! He is still sleeping and it's almost 4. S'pose I should go wake him up... nah.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Weekend Treats

We had a blast with everyone here for Scott's THIRTY FIFTH which I will still think NEXT year (you can ask both Scott & Laney about that.) Does everybody know that your birthday is one more since the last one, or have I just been taught wrong all these years? Hm... maybe because I was in "LD," (Learning Disability or ...Disabled whichever, same thing ;) and maybe they just cut out some of the curriculum because they went over budget.

Anyway, beside the fact of that minor misunderstanding ;) we had a fun BBQ, I made my grandma's family favorite "Chocolate Bit Cake" which was thoroughly enjoyed by all, and we had fun the night prior while Scott & Ang went on a date, Mike & I partied with the kids and watched Kung Fu Panda.

Gib & Andy

Sadie & Andy

Laney and her ridiculously awesome shades

Scott gets a hug from Andy

After 2 days of sharing toys, I mean, playing hard with cousins, Andy was easily mesmerized by a 'Noggin' (preschool channel) show. As you can see, he is not either playing nor eating while watching TV- I couldn't get a better view from the front- with his mouth hanging open.